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Wings + Masks

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Dreamy Dress-Ups® cotton gift bag 


ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Dreamy Dress-Ups® cotton gift bag 

  • ★★★★★ My son with ASD and SPD loves these wings

    My insect loving son wore these wings to school for "dress like an animal day". I wanted something easy for his teacher that he could wear under a light jacket in his car seat. These were perfect. He has ASD and SPD so it's important that they don't itch, make noise, restrict his movement, or obstruct his view the way a mask would. He does not normally wear this kind of thing for long or engage in pretend play, but these stayed on all day and he told everyone he was "a monarch" (not "dressed as a monarch"). He's 5, about 45 pounds and close to 50 inches tall. They fit him well with room to grow. They are light weight and somewhat see-through but well made.

  • ★★★★★ Easy to use, beautiful, and functional

    I bought these as a last minute, back-up costume as the full butterfly costume I ordered did not arrive in time for my daughter's Halloween party. They are fabulous. My five year old took them out of the package and had me show her how to put them on, and she was off. "I'm a REAL butterfly!" she yelled as she ran through the house, flapping her wings. She can work them perfectly and can easily take them on and off. All morning she's referred to herself in the third person as "the pretty butterfly." The best part of these (high quality) wings is that she can flap, flap, flap to her heart's content. She feels graceful like a butterfly, and there's no dealing with wires that get bent out of shape. Not to mention, after that one time showing her how to put them on, she can put them back on whenever she pleases.

  • ★★★★★ Cutest thing going

    We got these on a whim as a christmas gift for our insect loving 6-year old. What. A. Hit. I'd order a dozen more if we could. She loves feeling like a butterfly, she loves getting comments (YES she wears it in public) and she loves the glitter they used as accent on some of the white areas. It's a simple design, elastic goes around each arm at the shoulder and a tiny piece of elastic holds the wing tip to the child's finger. Voila- instant monarch butterfly. These things are tougher than Ginger Rogers. She's worn them almost nonstop for three weeks. Chase, hide and seek, a huge swing set, even a ropes course have all been managed while wearing wings. They're tough enough to handle the "work" of being a kid and they are still beautiful.